Clover Station (2018) Developer Kit

$ 680.00

Included in Clover Station (2018) Developer Kit:

Important notes:

    • We will only ship to addresses within the USA. International developers may use a forwarding service like Stackry, Vyking Ship, or MyUs. Clover Station (2018) Developer Kit dimensions are 15x13x15 and 18 lbs for pricing purposes.
    • Developer units can not be connected to production Clover merchant accounts or sales team demo accounts.
    • Developer units can only be provisioned to Sandbox environment development test accounts.
    • Developer units will not process any production payments. Test card is included.
    • The Station (2018) does not have an NFC reader on the tablet. NFC payments can only be accepted through the customer-facing display printer.
    • All Developer Kit orders will be reviewed and approved.
    • Orders may not ship out the same day an order is placed due to our daily shipping cut off times and available inventory.
    • Once your order is shipped, it will go out with the shipping speed you requested (or faster) and you will receive email notification of the shipment.
    • Station (2018) developer kits no longer include a debug cable. In order to debug Clover apps, please use a standard USB-to-micro-USB cable. 

Due to restrictions from COVID-19, the shipping of DevKit orders will be delayed regardless of the shipping speed chosen. We are currently able to ship orders once a week; the shipping speed will affect how quickly your devkit will arrive once it is shipped. Thank you for your understanding.