Developer Kits for Clover, the Open Point-of-Sale Platform

We designed and built low-cost, beautiful Android-based point-of-sale devices, a Clover Services .apk, a suite of basic point-of-sale applications for restaurants and retailers, and robust cloud services with REST APIs.

Transform the way merchants run their business with time-saving intuitive apps on the Clover App Market. Merchants are looking for solutions to make their small to medium business more efficient, not another bird game. Our open app platform allows you to reach merchants in ways you were not previously able to, including the ability to seamlessly connect your apps.

We try to make it easy to develop apps with an emulator since Clover uses native Android, but there are some things that you can only do on a Clover device with its custom ROM and custom hardware, including:

  • making a secure payment, including EMV contact, contactless, and MSD
  • scanning a barcode or QR code
  • entering customer mode

If you're interested in testing your Clover apps on a Clover device, order a developer kit. Learn more about Clover point-of-sale hardware.